What is a BID?

A BID is a formal grouping of local business who have voted in favour of working collectively to improve and invest in their pre-defined geographical area.

A successful BID will have ambitions to build a more prosperous business community by working together towards pre-agreed commercial goals. The BID will not just be of benefit to all local businesses, but for the community at large.

Precise BID objectives vary from place to place but all are united by the desire to benefit business. Each BID seeks to improve the local economy and trade, increase visitor numbers, reduce costs and establish a collective commercial voice.

Love Great Western Road BID:

Building a more prosperous business community

Scottish BIDs

Scotland has already had approximately 40 successful BIDs set up across the country. Many are city and town centre BIDs - Falkirk, Inverness, St. Andrews and Lerwick, to name but a few. Other BIDs are sited within a distinct urban areas - district-based BIDS include Glasgow’s Visit West End and Essential Edinburgh. There are also a range of non-urban and sector specific BIDS such a tourism BIDs.


Love Great Western Road’s ambition to establish BID status is founded on the simple desire from a group of local business people to make more of the area we trade in. We already feel the love for our part of the Great Western Road, but we can see the potential to increase prosperity, improve commercial opportunities and make the area a far better place to live, work and visit.